Back-to-School EDC (Everyday Carry) 2020 - What's In My Pockets Ep. 32

2020-ж., 18-авг.
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Going back-to-school is going to be a little different in 2020. So when it comes to back-to-school hauls and shopping, this is some of the best EDC gear will accommodate for that.
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[0:00] Intro
[0:23] 1. Alpha Industries CWU 45/P Bomber Jacket -
[0:34] 2. Reigning Champ Midweight Jersey Relaxed Tee -
[0:51] 3. SNAPS Hat Clip -
[1:35] 4. Vessi Weekend Waterproof Shoe -
[4:28] 5. Gatura Key Organizer -
[4:49] 6. Sea to Summit Pocket Soap -
[5:09] 7. Matador Travel Earplugs -
[5:27] 8. Lever Gear CableKit -
[6:08] 9. dbrand Pastel Skins -
[7:34] 10. Banale Mini Pillow -
[8:13] 11. Prive Revaux Foldable Sunglasses -
[8:52] 12. Timex x Alpha Industries -
[9:41] 13. Rekonect Magnetic Notebook -
[10:22] 14. Orbitkey Hand Sanitiser Holder -
[10:47] 15. Lautie Mini Dealer Chip -
[11:34] 16. Bellroy Zip Wallet -
[12:36] 17. Flydigi Shadow Stinger -
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[13:37] 18. Dango CA01 Carry All -
[14:03] 19. Zebra X-701 Pen -
[14:09] 20. OXO Cleaning Brush -
[14:24] 21. Transparent Sticky Notes -
[14:45] 22. Victorinox Signature Lite -
[15:20] 23. Duke Cannon Solid Cologne -
[15:42] 24. SwitchBot Smart Button -
[16:14] 25. Pop Can Diversion Safe -
[17:04] 26. Guerrilla Group Locator Cargo Flight Trousers -
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This video is sponsored by Vessi Footwear. All opinions expressed are based on my own experience.
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  • Hooooly shit. I was expecting some interesting stuff that might be useful for when i get back on campus, but i didn't expect A) such a massive flex and B) such an incredibly well-edited, well-written and funny video.

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  • This dude's daily essential is my yearly essential

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  • Everything in this video is useless....but i want everything

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  • When a Cyberpunk themed EDC?

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  • Gotta love those “daily essentials”

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  • I’m waiting for the gun joke

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  • One thing people never think of that is great to have is some table wobble wedges. They're small and make you a hero

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  • bruh I get uncomfortable having just my phone, wallet and keys in my pockets...

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  • 14:00 Ah, I see you are a man of culture as well.

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  • make one for paranoid teens cause im the only 13 yr old i know that takes this seriously i have a swissarmy knife on me when im not at school not for selfedefense but the good multitool and another multitool a tactical pen thats what i normally carry i havent watched the video yet

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  • If I sleep on a pillow during lecture , my professor will throw me out of the window.

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  • Creepy guy

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  • Ma' don't need to carry that condom after you all day dude. Your key organizer will protect you enough!

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  • That’s all affordable items I can’t afford

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  • U one of the most underrated youtubers. Love your content

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  • Best shoe is the ones that are the most firm and unsupported shoe, firm because yeah, it's comfortable, but you'll get tired quick, you try doing 100 pushups on your memoryfoam mattress, and unsupported because if you have your arm in a cast for years, do you thing that your muscle structure will stay the same? No it's going to get weaker

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    • _________$$$$$$$ _______$$_______$$ _____$$__$$_______$$ ____$___$________$$_$ ___$_______________$_$ __$___________________$ __$____$$$$$____$$$$___$ _$____$_____$__$____$__$ _$___$_$$____$$______$__$ $____$_$$$___$$_$$___$__$ $____$__$$___$$_$$$__$__$ $____$_______$$__$$__$__$ $_____$_____$__$____$___$ $______$$$$$____$$$$____$ $_______________________$ $_______$_________$_____$ _$______$$$$$$$$$$$_____$ _$______$$$__$__$$$_____$ __$______$$__$__$$_____$ __$______$$$_$_$$$____$ ___$______$$$$$$$____$ ____$_______$$$_____$ _____$$___________$$ _______$$_______$$ _________$$$$$$$ DONEEE ITS A FACEE !!!!! LOL

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