Best Biking Accessories - 2020

2020-ж., 8-сен.
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Summer may be over but true cyclists know it's an all-season activity if you've got the right biking accessories with you. This is for the beginner biker, casual rider, and commuting to get to and from your destination. These are the bike accessories you must have to keep you protected but more importantly seen as well. Plus, it'll allow you to carry the best juice box to refuel on-the-go.
[0:00] Intro
[0:16] 1. Chrome Industries Cully Crew -
[0:33] 2. Chrome Industries BLCKCHRM 22X Citizen Messenger -
[0:58] 3A. Lumos Ultra Helmet -
[2:07] 3B. Lumos Matrix Helmet -
[2:34] 4. Ombraz Sunglasses -
[3:34] 5. Raycon Everyday ES25 Earbuds -
[5:02] 6. Fidlock TWIST Bottle Holder -
[6:07] 7. True Utility Cliplite -
[6:58] 8. BioLite PowerLight Mini -
[8:06] 9. Insta360 One R Camera -
[10:05] 10. Tribit StormBox Micro -
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This video is sponsored by Raycon. All opinions expressed are based on my own experience.

  • 🛠 BIKING ACCESSORIES: [0:16] 1. Chrome Industries Cully Crew - [0:33] 2. Chrome Industries BLCKCHRM 22X Citizen Messenger - [0:58] 3A. Lumos Ultra Helmet - [2:07] 3B. Lumos Matrix Helmet - [2:34] 4. Ombraz Sunglasses - [3:34] 5. Raycon Everyday ES25 Earbuds - ⬆️ SAVE 15%, USE CODE: EXCESSORIZE15 [5:02] 6. Fidlock TWIST Bottle Holder - [6:07] 7. True Utility Cliplite - [6:58] 8. BioLite PowerLight Mini - [8:06] 9. Insta360 One R Camera - [10:05] 10. Tribit StormBox Micro -

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