Best MacBook Pro Accessories (Work From Home) - 2020

2020-ж., 19-май.
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These MacBook Pro accessories will upgrade your office to the ultimate work from home setup.
⚠️ dbrand Teardown Skins -
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These accessories will work with the new 13" MacBook Pro as well as the 16" MacBook Pro and really any USB-C based ones too! Great for students, designers, programmers, you name it, this video has an accessory for you.
[0:00] 1. AER Day Pack 2 -
[0:45] 2. MOFT Z -
[2:15] 3. Lepow Portable Monitor -
[3:32] 4. Purpose Made The Tre -
[5:16] 5. AER Cable Kit 2 -
[6:13] 6. Nonda USB-C Adapter -
[6:44] 7. Elgato Cam Link 4K -
[7:34] 8. OXO Sweep & Swipe Cleaner -
[8:46] 9. Sidekick Notebook -
[9:57] 10. Fuse Reel The Side Kick -
[11:08] 11. Ten One Design Blockhead -
[11:41] 12. Zendure SuperTank USB-C PD Charger -
[13:17] 13. dbrand Teardown Skins -
⚠️ DISCLAIMER: This video and description contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and complete a purchase, I may receive a small commission.
This video is sponsored by dbrand. All opinions expressed are based on my own experience.
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  • I find this demo style really entertaining, quirky and oddly satisfying to watch, if technology can’t take a bit of rough use then what’s the point?

    Lloyd GriffithsLloyd Griffiths12 күн мурун
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