John Wick EDC (Everyday Carry) - What's In My Pockets Ep. 33

2020-ж., 13-сен.
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This is the Everyday Carry for the Boogeyman AKA John Wick is very similar to a Blackout EDC (Everyday Carry), except with a touch of gold. But this EDC collection was still one of the toughest to curate because he's such a simple man but I think there are some pretty wicked pieces here you can easily add onto your daily carry too.
🛠 EDC:
[0:00] Have you watched all 4 movies?!
[1:31] 1. Nobis Tate Tech Jacket -
[1:51] 2. dbrand Pencil Skin -
[2:02] 3. AmazonBasics Book Safe -
[2:42] 4. Quiet Carry Current Knife -
[3:21] 5. Chronicle Collectibles Blood Oath Marker Set -
[4:00] 6. Carpe Diem Carpe Noctem Coin -
[4:16] 7. Shire Post Mint Decision Coin -
[4:36] 8. Covert Coin Quarter -
[5:01] 9. Pete's Pirate Life Kraken V2 Coin -
[5:52] 10. EDCLOONG Hearthstone -
[7:07] 11. Good Worth Lighter Case -
[7:38] 12. Gerber GDC Money Clip -
[8:51] 13. Elastic Precision Rubber Band Gun -
[10:12] 14. YIMFAS Cryptex Lock Safe -
[11:05] 15. Urban Carvers Quick Release -
[11:23] 16. Quiet Carry Helm Carabiner -
[11:42] 17. Tactikey Key -
[12:14] 18. Good Worth Best Wishes Knife -
[12:43] 19. Wazoo Cache Belt Buckle -
[13:09] 20. Quiet Carry Bandit Knife -
[13:46] Who's EDC next?
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