My Favorite iPhone 11 Pro Cases - 2020

2020-ж., 16-янв.
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These may not be the best cases out there, but they're my favorite iPhone 11 Pro cases/accessories to use on a daily basis. You'll find out that I'm a huge fan of thin cases and adding PopSockets to everything.
⚠️ DISCLAIMER: This video and description contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and complete a purchase, I may receive a small commission.
[0:25] 1A. Mous Contour Case -
[0:25] 1B. Mous Limitless Case 3.0 -
[2:37] 2. Spigen Thin Fit -
[4:21] 3. Latercase -
[5:16] 4. Moment Filmmaker Shell - N/A
[6:21] 5. OtterBox Figura + Pop Series -
[7:24] 6. RhinoShield SolidSuit -
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  • Ok, I’m poor, can u do the best cases for the iphone 7?

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  • have you reviewed PHONE REBEL case yet? They seem to be really good, from Everything Apple Pro.

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  • *please help* Will pop sockets stick to the rhino shield strong suit case???

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  • I love pop sockets but it makes you not able to wireless charge

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  • Can we do wireless charging with mous case with socket

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  • Good video quality and simple presentation. Love it

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  • Can you recommend an all round protective case with the same feel as the Spigen thin fit? Would you say the rhino shield black?

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  • Excessorize Me, could you test the Otterbox Commuter, Caseology Legion and the Pitaka Mag Ez Pro, please ?

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  • I have the figura but I’m buying the non pop socket version soon

    OBKOBK7 ай мурун
  • Evutec makes some great cases and they never seem to get covered. They have built in magnets, come with a vent mount and are available in various weights from a thin, almost Later case variant to a thinker one with a Nylon back. Would love to see ya review them.

    Lou ManningLou Manning7 ай мурун
  • The moment filmmaker case is one of the worst cases ever and fell apart in a week. I don’t think they are selling it anymore.

    Kevin MendezKevin Mendez8 ай мурун
  • I have the Spigen thin fit :D

    Lizzeh41Lizzeh418 ай мурун
  • The way your hands are so aggressive with the phones are such a turn on god

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  • That Moment Filmmaker case is so brittle and suspect. Fell off my bed and cracked in three spots. Thank goodness, Moment customer service replaced it for their classic photo case.

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  • Does anyone know if dbrand skins would work on the solid suit case?

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  • Do you have a recommendation for the Sony XZ2 Compact? I have a Spigen and just keep hoping for better options or one with some color. Thanks and great video...because of you I set my wife up with the Limitless 3.0. She drops it all the time.

    Martin LaVareMartin LaVare8 ай мурун
  • I want something like the thin fit but with more top & bottom coverage.

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  • Please review the belifino pad and quil case

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  • UAG Monarch Carbon Fiber is great in my opinion.

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  • Love this video, especially as a fellow case nut! My personal favorite however is the totallee clear frosted finish (or comparable mnml clear frosted finish). Great to hold, nice texture, SUPER slim. Love it!!!

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    • readyme whichever looks nicer, hope you found a case :)

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  • You're a big pop socket fan, but how to you wirelessly charge?

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    • With a lightning cable.

  • Please show us what you carry on flight

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  • I've been using the Spigen Tough Armor case for my iPhone and it's the most protective + best looking + affordable case I've found yet.

    Vaibhav HaritVaibhav Harit9 ай мурун
  • I currently use the dbrand grip case with the red dragon skin on the back. Do you think the rhino shield solid suit is a gripper case than the dbrand one I have now? Thanks in advance.

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    • By chance do you know if the gray color case has the grippy back that the black one does?

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