Useful Gear for Spring! - Box of Awesome - Spring 2019

2019-ж., 20-апр.
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Unboxing the Box of Awesome (Bespoke Post) has some new EDC boxes so in this round-up, we're taking a look at some essential sping gear for 2019. They've got tools, board games, and even a portable freezer?!
⚠️ DISCLAIMER: This video and description contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and complete a purchase, I may receive a small commission.
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- Carve
- Ready
- Switchback
- Revel
- Huddle
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  • 3:30 it seemed like he was going to spit out that beef jerky in the garbage can ..

    Tarek SalahTarek Salah4 ай мурун
  • I didn’t watch the video, but I saw a commercial for the box on KGworld and it had to be said somewhere... the commercial literally starts with a guy saying “wow, a keychain grappling hook!” And if that doesn’t say DONT BUY THIS SHIT, idk what does...

    Syndicate441Syndicate4415 ай мурун
  • checkout a spetsnaz video on how to use those shovels, im sure US military has some things but spetsnaz kinda advertises it

    GreensOplentyGreensOplenty5 ай мурун
  • Mora kniv ftw 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪

    Ville WikingVille Wiking7 ай мурун
  • 3000th like!!

    Lachlan BarrLachlan Barr8 ай мурун
  • Pro-tip for the shovel. Turn the shovel head 90 degrees and use it like a pick axe for faster digging. Can also sharpen one side to use like a hatchet.

    J.LoJ.Lo9 ай мурун
    • Or sit one cheek on it up against a tree and you can sit on it to use the bathroom.

      Brandon McclainBrandon Mcclain8 ай мурун
  • They don’t ship to uk

    BenjfrankoBenjfranko9 ай мурун
  • Lol!!!

    Jason MartinJason MartinЖыл мурун
  • Do you live inToronto?

    Jason MartinJason MartinЖыл мурун
  • Also thanks to that dual wall design if you try to boil water it will blow up

    Dawson ArcherDawson ArcherЖыл мурун
  • Late 30's..... 🤭

    Shaun HarithShaun HarithЖыл мурун
  • What apps u use on ur phone

    Mahi RajMahi RajЖыл мурун
  • What's on ur phone

    Mahi RajMahi RajЖыл мурун
  • None of those boxes are worth 30 bucks

    Nasom KilluminatiNasom KilluminatiЖыл мурун
  • "So get out there and start tossing! Just make sure you have friends on the others side tho" 😂👌 relatable

    bailey hungbailey hungЖыл мурун
  • Who in they're right mind is gonna take product advice from a man wearing Crocs?? You've got to have given up on life to wear those!

    SargeSargeЖыл мурун
  • apple watch you wearing is 44mm?

    Nghĩa LiêuNghĩa LiêuЖыл мурун
  • Only for us and Canada

    Siddhant SikkaSiddhant SikkaЖыл мурун
  • No it's not, it's worth less than $45 or else the company wouldn't be solvent. Fuck outta here with value propositions for ANY lootcrate service.

    NightlifeSuxNightlifeSuxЖыл мурун
  • I do not know why people are not subscribed to you

    Barrett BornBarrett BornЖыл мурун
  • i love all the cool stuff you show but can you please stop beating the crap out of everything? i mean its cool to do when it makes sense, but quit freaking beating on everything!!! for the love of all that is holy can you please stop!!? other than that love the videos, i really do. just stop beating the crap out of everything!!!

    triptripЖыл мурун
  • Love watching these videos! Very informative and full of quick humor. You are going places! Keep it up!

    Tor ChaleunphonhTor ChaleunphonhЖыл мурун
  • "desing something no one will ever have.....or ever want. I died hahahaha

    Dario HallDario HallЖыл мурун
    • "if your poor and have to go to the park to kill time"

      Dario HallDario HallЖыл мурун
  • Love the Luci light, all solar noe batteries needed. Thank for sharing.

    RVing Live The DreamRVing Live The DreamЖыл мурун
  • shouldn't this video title outdoor survival kit

    J LJ LЖыл мурун
  • Can you do a gold version edc?

    Steven HoangSteven HoangЖыл мурун
  • some people say that after the video he went back and said HEACK YEAH to drinking

    triclin 246triclin 246Жыл мурун
  • This video seemed like a QVC commercial for millennials

    Andy GomezAndy GomezЖыл мурун
  • Hey! I bought the Heroclip because of your videos and it’s just amazing! Thanks for sharing all this stuff with us!

    Bettina Cecilia SilveiraBettina Cecilia SilveiraЖыл мурун
  • check dm please

    Elias TiradoElias TiradoЖыл мурун
  • Just found your your style and humour. Keep it up

    sjmc1983sjmc1983Жыл мурун
  • if you are interested in getting these boxes, here’s a heads up..if you can see what’s in the box beforehand, get whatever is a bang for your buck. for example don’t use 40+ dollars on a box of things that you can get at a dollar tree. if you are going to spend the money then might as well get some good stuff.

    hunter ricardhunter ricardЖыл мурун
  • Could you maybe make an everyday carry budget edition? Pls :). Oh and keep up the good work!

    Kawaii SoundsKawaii SoundsЖыл мурун
  • It is not for other countries

    yogesh sonawaneyogesh sonawaneЖыл мурун
  • Let the knocking continue.

    MikeeMikeeЖыл мурун
  • Do more of these

    Gage OdomGage OdomЖыл мурун
  • You could've named the video title as "How to become Taras Kul (Crazy Russian Hacker)

    Niranjan MCkyNiranjan MCkyЖыл мурун
  • Best camera accessories please!

    Zayyy_Zayyy_Жыл мурун
  • That was some hot arts and crafts time with that knife carving 🔪

    Theodoric Of YorkTheodoric Of YorkЖыл мурун
  • Great video. Thumbs up!

    Leo NzarLeo NzarЖыл мурун
  • Awesome video! Do your hands hurt after all the pounding you do with your knuckles on everything?

    Rick GRick GЖыл мурун
    • *The viewz do it for you*

      DatAviationDatAviationЖыл мурун
    • Do it for the viewz.

  • always can count on you to give me up to date lists of shit i want but can’t afford

    Austin RobertsonAustin RobertsonЖыл мурун
  • I'm really happy the jacket is made of recyled polyester. It's always so sad to think of all the little polyesters that have to die to make our lives tolerable.

    I_ am_ BLuRI_ am_ BLuRЖыл мурун
  • Keep up the good work bud!

    Pulin SinghPulin SinghЖыл мурун
  • Roses are red The sea is blue I love Excessorize Me, And so do you Like if you agree

    Archie StevensArchie StevensЖыл мурун
  • Like 😍👍🏻👍🏻

    İsmail Korkmazİsmail KorkmazЖыл мурун
  • Damn bespoke post really does sound interesting but I am from EU :(

    lixlixЖыл мурун
    • Ah damn.

  • 16th or 15th uh I don’t know plz tell me ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ

    Sebastian VelasquezSebastian VelasquezЖыл мурун
  • In coming noobs asking why he slaps the shit out of everything

    M PettkeM PettkeЖыл мурун
    • EXCESSORIZE ME. maybe 1 day

      M PettkeM PettkeЖыл мурун
    • They will soon learn...

  • Hi👌👋👋

    WheresmahDinhnerWheresmahDinhnerЖыл мурун
  • 40 bucks for a cheap pocket knife ....

    RaffyRaffyЖыл мурун
  • don't need any of these items -_-

    Kerryl VoitehovschiKerryl VoitehovschiЖыл мурун
  • Best reviewer

    Sabbir SarkerSabbir SarkerЖыл мурун
  • The blanket and the lantern. And the carving knife.

    Praneeth RatnagiriPraneeth RatnagiriЖыл мурун
  • I like your all videos...I always share with my friends.. love the ending🤩🤩

    Rock PhysicianRock PhysicianЖыл мурун
  • Waiting for that peak design everyday backpack EDC

    Angel CisnerosAngel CisnerosЖыл мурун
    • One day...


    Gabriel SosaGabriel SosaЖыл мурун
  • How many backpacks do u have

    Jason ChuyJason ChuyЖыл мурун
  • 6th

    Emma KrauseEmma KrauseЖыл мурун
  • fifth

    Otto Y.Otto Y.Жыл мурун
  • hi

    Carl-Loui HansenCarl-Loui HansenЖыл мурун
  • I immediately played this video lol

    Dan LDan LЖыл мурун
  • Phist!

    Knightman ComethKnightman ComethЖыл мурун
  • Ur mom