What's In My Pockets Ep. 8 - Mobile Workstation EDC (Everyday Carry)

2019-ж., 28-апр.
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For anyone looking for a full mobile workstation setup, this is what I carry on this episode of What's In My Pocket. Everything revolves around the new iPad Mini 5 to get my work done and you'd be surprised what it can actually do. With the right software and hardware combined, I get this little guy to run a full Windows setup too.
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[7:49] - DSPTCH Waist Bag - bit.ly/2PzyKHV
[0:45] - Under Armor Pursuit Bib - geni.us/9PVgU/
[1:05] - iPhone XS Max - geni.us/Uqy0W
[1:11] - Catalyst Impact Protection Case - geni.us/YxzHN
[1:52] - PopSockets - bit.ly/2SLnyfi
[2:20] - PopSockets PopWallet - bit.ly/2RVcVC9
[2:52] - KeySmart Pro Key Organizer - bit.ly/2HwLYUe
[3:34] - Trayvax Contour Wallet - bit.ly/2ULSOI8
[4:43] - Bellroy Mini Notebook Cover - bit.ly/2sIssLZ
[4:50] - Fisher Space Bullet Pen - geni.us/OUiPq
[5:44] - Apple Watch Series 4 - geni.us/8dT7A
[5:51] - Elago AirPods Wrist Fit - geni.us/9DyN
[8:06] - Apple iPad Mini 5 - geni.us/sQ2t
[8:23] - Apple Smart Cover for iPad Mini - geni.us/c0QHAY
[8:34] - Apple Pencil (1st Gen) - geni.us/ZZkUVLr
[8:40] - Moxiware Apple Pencil Magnet - bit.ly/1pobkGT
[9:08] - Apple Silicone Case - amzn.to/2LabIJq
[10:00] - Logitech Keys-To-Go Keyboard - geni.us/OGmLSA1
[11:16] - DJI Osmo Pocket - bhpho.to/2VxbUpR
[12:08] - Moleskine Squared Hardcover - geni.us/mSf5m
[13:31] - mophie powerstation plus XL Battery - bit.ly/2XNckpA
[13:10] - Chafon Multi-USB Cable - amzn.to/2XSNmW4
[13:33] - Apple AirPods (1st Gen) - geni.us/2EGXyBW
[13:36] - Nomad Rugged Case for AirPods - bit.ly/2RxQVOG
[13:39] - AhaStyle Ear Hooks - geni.us/Pc1nJBM
[14:04] - Swiftpoint ProPoint Mouse for iPads - bit.ly/2XOyEza
[14:11] - Jump Desktop App - apple.co/2WcslVN
[14:46] - Apple Lightning AV Adapter - geni.us/CTARB4G
[15:17] - Apple Lightning to SD Card Reader - geni.us/MYiA
[15:43] - Pilot G-TEC-C4 Pen - amzn.to/2GGb54H
[16:21] - Victorinox Minichamp Multi-tool - geni.us/cs6A
[17:03] - Bobino Key Clip - geni.us/RYCJ7
[18:05] - Spider Holster SpiderLight Camera Holster - bhpho.to/2LbRuPj
[18:25] - Peak Design Shell Camera Cover - bit.ly/2J2aBIX
[19:02] - Lowepro ProTactic Utility Belt - bhpho.to/2XRAyyY
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