What's In My Bag Ep. 9 - Carl Friedrik C3-1 Backpack Review

2019-ж., 22-фев.
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*** Carl Friedrik - friedrik.co/joui
This is one of the fanciest bags I've ever tested, the Carl Friedrik C3-1 Backpack is a simple leather and nylon bag for those who need to stay classy while walking into their office.
They've integrated enough features so you're not begging for more, while keeping a minimal aesthetic and incorporating premium materials throughout.
Like anything fancy, it doesn't come cheap and will cost a pretty penny. Many of you don't and won't ever need a stylish bag likes this, but it doesn't hurt to drool over it if you do dig the style!
0:25 - Features
1:05 - What's In My Bag
8:19 - What I Love
13:19 - Things To Consider
13:55 - Recommendation
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1:12 - Jabra Elite Sport - geni.us/CBK39i
1:56 - Victorinox MiniChamp - geni.us/kIlAAbS
2:42 - Contigo Autoseal Cortland - geni.us/GXWXAPi
3:04 - Sony MDR-XB50AP - bhpho.to/2MaBQDb
3:11 - Bose QC35 II - geni.us/6U1T
3:47 - Mophie Powerstation Plus XL - bit.ly/2Vh4gMy
4:34 - Pilot G-Tec-C4 - geni.us/jbkV
4:38 - Apple Pencil - geni.us/ArH9
4:38 - Moxiware Pencil Magnet - bit.ly/1pobkGT
5:03 - Heroclip - bit.ly/2R0mPX6
5:30 - Nomad Universal Cable - bit.ly/2IwIMtx
5:38 - Chafon 4-in-1 Cable - geni.us/5jOAo
5:51 - Samsung T5 SSD - geni.us/qh7dMA
6:32 - Moleskine Squared Notebook - geni.us/qgeGM
7:01 - Carl Friedrik Walton Sleeve - friedrik.co/joui
7:18 - iPad Pro 10.5" - geni.us/B7gwfAR
7:25 - Swiftpoint GT Mouse - bit.ly/2BS3QVH
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