What's In My Everything Bag Ep. 15 - Osuza Canvas Backpack Review

2020-ж., 23-май.
157 660 Көрүүлөр

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If you want an everyday backpack that can be a camera, commuter, and travel bag, then the Osuza Canvas is the perfect bag for you.
🎒 BAG:
[0:00] Osuza Canvas Bag - bit.ly/2ZvYP1S
[8:52] Osuza Pouches - bit.ly/3d0eeeK
[12:57] Osuza Extension Straps - bit.ly/2XnZqzR
[1:32] 2. TEC Accessories Embrite Morale Patch - amzn.to/2X04Ulz
[1:45] 3. Swag Addicts Canadian Flag Patch - amzn.to/2XlAQQ1
[2:15] 4. Dango Capsule Wide - bit.ly/2WUlRO0
⬆️ SAVE 10% OFF $100, USE CODE: STARS10
[2:27] 5. Condor Roll-Up Pouch - amzn.to/2ZvZLDq
[2:57] 6. SOG Knives Q4 Tool - amzn.to/3cZAANh
[3:05] 7. Uni Jetstream 4-in-1 Pen - amzn.to/3gagsdr
[3:11] 8. So Design Alt Tool Pen - bit.ly/2zYY9Hs
[3:33] 9. The James Brand x Carryology Rover Capsule - bit.ly/3eb6ExR
[6:21] 10. Velos Tin Pen Case - bit.ly/2WTVXtG
[6:35] 11. Patrick Kun Clear Case - bit.ly/3cSneCq
[6:53] 12. Wooden Blocks - amzn.to/2ZtEBWh
[7:21] 13. Anker PowerCore Fusion 5000 - amzn.to/3ghOn3K
[7:26] 14. Moko Folding Keyboard - amzn.to/3egTXlj
[7:30] 15. Aputure AL-M9 LED Light - amzn.to/2AOWTHe
[7:38] 16. Sony Portable Radio - amzn.to/3bU8jWX
[8:03] 17. Fuji Instax SQ6 - amzn.to/2WVuWGj
[8:07] 18. Arc Company Nomad Tool Roll - etsy.me/2Xoenlp
[8:10] 19. ROLI Lumi Keys - bit.ly/3gi4i2f
[8:13] 20. Rocketbook Notebook - geni.us/RocketbookEverlast
[8:48] 21. Leatherman Free P2 Multi-Tool - amzn.to/2XlCEbL
[8:51] 22. Coast G2 Beam Penlight - amzn.to/2znULG8
[9:35] 24. Ringke Folding Stand - amzn.to/2Xox9t2
[10:59] 25. DSPTCH CapSnap - bit.ly/2SMqchN
[11:11] 26. DSPTCH Utiltiy Strap - bit.ly/2EjMzoD
[11:33] 27. Maxpedition Mini Folding Dump Pouch - amzn.to/3gfCds6
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    • @Etrius I have not carried too heavy of a load then a couple of books, 15inch laptop in a sleeve and the usual junk of pens, cables, portable battery charger, pocket knife, multi tool, flashlight, etc.. I did invest in the optional Osuza pouches, which add a layer of extra storage i needed. The straps seem to be pretty solid and held the weight i carry 5 days a week. One trick they don't tell you is that when you fold the back pack up for the go, do not do it tight (in my mind it should be tightly secure). as it makes it stiff as a board and when you put it on your shoulders it would be like strapping a sheet of plywood on your back. Just lay the flaps down and connect the straps.

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