What's In My EDC/Office Bag Ep. 11 - Alchemy Equipment X Carryology AEL222 Review

2019-ж., 25-май.
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This has quickly become my go-to EDC (Everyday Carry) bag for 2019 to commute to and from the office with my full tech load. It's able to store all my tech needs, which includes my 15 inch Dell XPS laptop, while leaving plenty of room for the rest of my gear.
The Alchemy Equipment X Carryology AEL222 Backpack is what happens when bag lovers come together for the greater good to make great things and that's exactly what they've done with this bag. It's not perfect, but they get so much right that I can overlook the flaws. It's not the cheapest bag out there but you're really getting what you pay for.
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⚠️Alchemy Equipment x Carryology AEL22 Backpack - bit.ly/2X6WKVV
[2:34] - Bespoke Post Bomber Jacket (Aviator Box) - bit.ly/2I1TBlQ
[2:40] - Nike Air Jumpsuit - amzn.to/2SHmzsW
[2:47] - Forever 21 Hoodie - N/A
EDC (Everyday Carry)/Office Carry:
[3:18] - Bellroy Mini Notebook Cover - bit.ly/2sIssLZ
[3:23] - Field Notes Memo Book - geni.us/JDOC
[3:28] - Fisher Space Bullet Pen - geni.us/MBMQ
[3:48] - Mophie powerstation plus XL (Fabric) - bit.ly/2XNckpA
[4:12] - Apple AirPods - geni.us/1rdx0F
[4:12] - Nomad Rugged Case for AirPods - bit.ly/2RxQVOG
[4:28] - AhaStyle AirPods Ear Hooks - geni.us/R2aRc
[4:45] - BIC 4 Colour Grip Pro - geni.us/jsVJ
[5:25] - Memobottle A6 - geni.us/wWTE
[5:38] - AmazonBasics Travel Umbrella - geni.us/njpKza
[7:15] - DSPTCH Utility Strap - bit.ly/2EjMzoD
[7:46] - Heroclip Carabiner - bit.ly/2R0mPX6
[8:10] - Matador Lens Base Layer - bit.ly/2W3rBq2
[8:30] - Matador Camera Base Layer - bit.ly/2EwifYV
[9:01] - Side By Side Power Packer - geni.us/IB5rDh
[9:44] - Nomad Universal Cable 0.3m - bit.ly/2IwIMtx
[10:10] - BIC 4 Color 3+1 Pen and Mechanical Pencil - geni.us/e86B2
[10:32] - Samsung T5 SSD - geni.us/TGLk
[10:46] - RAVPower FileHub - geni.us/T8JPJB
[11:29] - Sony WH-1000XM3 Headphones - geni.us/h2BuQX
[12:07] - Moleskine Squared Notebook - geni.us/O5aCh
[12:18] - Logitech Keys-To-Go Keyboard - geni.us/uAbDOZA
[12:18] - Apple iPad Mini 5 - geni.us/dT9vmdE
[12:51] - Apple Smart Cover - geni.us/UjQd
[12:51] - Apple Silicone Case for iPad Mini 4 - geni.us/CZU8gr
[13:20] - Logitech MX Master 2S Mouse - geni.us/B6BSP
[13:34] - Pilot G-Tech-C4 Pen - geni.us/4RiNv
[13:39] - Apple Pencil (1st Gen) - geni.us/adnsunB
[13:39] - Moxiware Magnet Case - bit.ly/1pobkGT
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