What's In My Travel Bag Ep. 8 - Jerrybag SHIELD Backpack Review

2019-ж., 9-янв.
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In this episode of What's In My Bag, if you've ever worried about damaging your camera or electronics while traveling, the Jerrybag SHIELD backpack may be the ultimate case to store it all. Inspired by jerrycans used to transport liquids, the whole front panel utilizes a hard shell to keep the products on the inside safe.
I test it with my travel items but then show off how you can easily transition into a day pack too.
*** Jerrybag SHIELD - kck.st/2RAioT5
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(1:48) Joby Gorillapod - geni.us/0l4JIqY
(2:07) Heroclip Carbiner - bit.ly/2R0mPX6
(2:19) DSPTCH CapSnap - bit.ly/2SMqchN
(2:35) Jabra Elite Sport - geni.us/FOcPA
(2:48) Nitecore TUP - amzn.to/2H5r2oF
(3:05) DJI OSMO Pocket - geni.us/32srAyN
(3:36) Bose QC35 II - geni.us/aknv
(3:51) Peak Design Tech Pouch - bit.ly/2RfMSdH
(3:59) Anker PowerCore Fusion - geni.us/Y8kE1QP
(4:07) Chafon Multi-Cable - geni.us/ef5JIO
(4:13) Belkin Valet Battery - geni.us/5zLMGW
(4:21) Anker PowerPort 10 - geni.us/iTeJ
(4:35) Joby Micro Tripod - geni.us/tJ2GFF
(4:35) Zecti Phone Mount - geni.us/PA80J
(5:09) Muji Pouch - geni.us/AoIop
(5:35) Timbuk2 Rapid Pack - geni.us/WU8aZI
(5:47) Nintendo Switch - geni.us/U22TyKS
(5:47) Surge Nintendo Switch Case - geni.us/lLnbg
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  • So, it sounds like the hard shell protects your cloths, but the laptop isn't even prorated from the ground. It looks like the design is a fail to me.

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  • Wish this bag was still available.

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  • where can i get one? i clicked on the link but i can't seem to purchase there

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  • Would this withstand a bullet from a handgun

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  • Too small is .... without enough area for all my things to put

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  • I hate that I like the products but don't like all the noises

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  • The thing is, NO ONE have only one outfit with them...

  • Is there a valid alternative to the new Peak Design travel backpack? I like the cubes and will be using the tech and few other others. I like the side access for the camera and will use it. The only worry I have are the zippers. I plan to use it to work and it will be filled with electronic and food - it might be over 10kg. Do you think these zippers will survive? I realize PD gives a lifelong warranty but still I worry. Also is there anything cheaper I can buy in the meantime that is similar to brick-shape and size but for less money. I understand most cheaper alternatives will be lower quality but also I am short on cash right now and will start using a backpack soon. I like your style. You are on point.

    Waldemar IshibashiWaldemar IshibashiЖыл мурун
  • You forgot to pack clothes

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  • This backpack is a gimmick and a bad one at that. Looks like it's made from pretty cheap materials, and the heavy plastic front plate is going to really offset the balance of the bag, tilting you back -- awful for your posture, neck, and shoulders.Not only that, but it doesn't have a suspended laptop compartment and it won't protect anything from jolts to the side, which is where a lot of impacts to bags happen, and since it's not a hard shell all the way around, things can still get crunched really easily. If you want a backpack that is hardshell that will actually protect your things, Pelican (yes, the ones that make Pelican cases) make waterproof, floating, completely hard shell backpacks with an external suspension so that it's both comfortable and secure.

    Praxis-CatPraxis-CatЖыл мурун
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